Finally! Relief From Nighttime ‘Gotta Go’ — 2 Ways to Reduce Bathroom Trips

For many of us, an insistent bladder keeps sleep out of reach — especially when cold weather causes nerves that control

For many of us, an insistent bladder keeps sleep out of reach — especially when cold weather causes nerves that control bladder muscles to contract more often. Luckily, the tricks we mention below should help you snooze through the night! Discover natural ways to prevent nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Cozy up in socks.

An unexpected trick to snooze soundly: Slip on plush compression socks while watching TV or lounging around at night. Harvard scientists say when we lie flat in bed, fluid that accumulated in the legs during the day migrates to the kidneys, triggering that “gotta go” urge. But compression socks prevent pooling, helping your body void fluid fully before bed. Plus, the National Association for Continence (NAFC) agrees that compression stockings or socks may reduce bladder leaks during the night.

Take nature’s sleeping pill.

It’s known as a sleep aid, but melatonin may also boost bladder capacity by nearly 64 percent. Japanese research credits the sleep hormone with calming muscles around a trigger-happy bladder, stretching the time between bathroom runs. To do: Take 1 to 3 milligrams of melatonin 30 to 60 minutes before bed.

Visit your doctor.

If nighttime trips to the bathroom are really disrupting your sleep pattern, or you are experiencing bladder leaks, visit a gynecologist, urogynecologist, or pelvic floor therapist. A healthcare professional will be able to address and diagnose your symptoms and offer you treatment options.

One final note: As we get older, accidents are bound to happen. It’s better to be protected! For nighttime coverage you can trust, we recommend Poise Ultra Thin Bladder Control Pads With Wings (Buy from Amazon, $20.49). They are pricier than other brands, but just one pad will do the trick — with cheaper products, you might need two.

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